Past Conferences

IYDC 2021
IYDC 202120- 23 July, 2021
IYDC 2019
IYDC 201916- 20th July, 2019
IYDC 2018
IYDC 201817- 21st July, 2018
IYDC 2017
IYDC 201719-23 July, 2017
IYDC 2016
IYDC 201631 July – 4th August, 2016

A word from our past Delegates

A very influential institution in achieving the SDG 17. iFED Global is a model institution for connecting young people who are engaged for "development" across the African continent. iFED has provided to me, the opportunity to extend and strengthen my experience in terms of international relations and volunteerism. Innovation for Empowerment and Development is on the way of building a very active and sustainable Global Youth world. To reach that goal, it will require ethical engagement from each one of you and partake in the next conference.


I find the IYDC a very brilliant initiative, not only does it expose and develop minds across Africa, it brings back revolutionary spirits! It makes us, the youth want to aim at something more and makes us want to achieve more basically because we have, collectively identified our problems as a continent, distinguish global challenges with local scales, we try also to think around solutions together and because we know the problems and find possible solutions, we can go back to our respective countries and effect change. The dignitaries have been incredible in the last conference. They incited a lot of passion is us. I am very excited to be part of this.


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