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Delegates Packages

Pay for your conference Registration fee and others

Do note that for your complete acceptance as a delegate, you must pay the registration fee via the specified account details or online in the blue link below; then, you shall proceed with your choice of residence and extra day socials.

Separate Fee for Accommodation & Extra-day Social

The conference fee is separate from the fees for accommodation and extra-day socials. Note that full registration fee payment completes your registration as a conference delegate.

Conference Fee (Compulsory)


What it covers 



What it covers 

Extra-day Socials


What it covers 

Frequently Asked Question

As technology moves, faster and faster, we should try to move with it, and this is where we come in.

Yes, IYDC is a self-funded conference and participants will have to pay a conference fee. 

This covers:

  • MUN
  • Seminars
  • Global Village
  • Elders Forum
  • Conference Materials( T-shirt, Tags, Notepad, Pen and Placard)
  • Certificate
  • Lunch
  • Cooking Competition
  • Dinner and Awards Night.

Delegates are expected to cater for their visa and flight cost.

Sponsorship letters will be provided to you upon request and after the payment of the main conference fees in part or in whole to aid you in soliciting funds to cater for your other expenses and travel cost.

We believe in keeping the best interest of our applicants and have devised a convenient refund policy. Please see our Terms & Conditions to learn more.

Applicants from ECOWAS countries do not require a Visa to enter Ghana. We help our accepted applicants with their visa-acquiring process. We also send an official invitation letter which can be presented at the Ghanaian embassy to obtain a timely visa conveniently.